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Bluenose Motor Company "Car of the Week" Review

2013 Lexus ES 350

Bluenose Motor Company has a 2013 Lexus ES 350 Luxury Sedan among the latest offerings.

With just 12,000 km, this almost new vehicle offers the luxurious performance, reliability and unique feel you can expect from Lexus for just $34,997.

The characteristic Lexus handling is apparent, with precise yet easy power steering. Braking is smooth and well calibrated, with acceleration that leaves little to be desired.

In fact, you may be surprised at how well this particular vehicle balances that zippy feel most sport drivers love with the luxurious cruising at all speeds. One will experience all the comfort that could be hoped for in a luxury sedan or business vehicle with great handling characteristics and a good performance envelope.

The ES 350 remains the most popular sedan class from Lexus, with a combination of generous legroom and state of the art driving conveniences that remove much of the common complaints associated with road travel. The exceptionally quiet ride is complemented by a responsive suspension that is stiff enough to stabilize the vehicle while cornering, but soft enough to smooth the ride on all roads.

The six speed automatic transmission is powered by a quiet but torque ready V6 with a satisfying purr, while responsive and precise acceleration is at your fingertips thanks to a 6 speed, semi-automatic transmission.

The ES 350 outer styling is modernistic and edgy with sharp lines, lending impressions of power and class. The sunroof, leather seating and spacious interior combine well with electronic features that include traction control and navigation features for a safe and enjoyable ride.

This nearly brand new luxury sedan with very low kilometers is suited to a range of uses for those who want a classy, reliable and comfortable car with great performance. Consider coming for a test drive this week.

2012 Lexus RX 350

Bluenose Motors is proud to offer a classy 2012 Lexus RX 350 specially priced at just $45,888. This luxury SUV offers comfort, beautifully engineered lines and superior performance.

With only 48,000 km and one previous owner, our almost new Lexus is in mint condition with the balance of factory warranty.

The reliable, safe and roomy 2012 RX 350 comes with exterior revisions while retaining its sleek shape as one of the most aerodynamically shaped SUV designs on the market!

On a test drive, this 270 horsepower 6 cylinder powered vehicle displays the energetic acceleration and effortless power steering you can expect from Lexus. Handling is crisp and precise with a quiet ride. You will appreciate the highly ergonomic controls with a six speed semi-automatic transmission to enable easy shifting.

Great for surface streets and highway trips, this 2012 Lexus RX 350 is equally at home on backcountry roads. Road bumps and variations disappear with the smooth Lexus suspension and higher ride, while a backup camera feature offers peace of mind in tight spots.

The champagne colored leather seating beautifully matches the subtle beige exterior, while power adjusters and full navigation electronics contribute to a comfortable ride with all the amenities. The large sunroof, quality Lexus sound system and eco mode features are added selling points.

Come for a test drive this week and experience the combination of luxury, practicality, styling and performance this Lexus RX 350 SUV offers!

2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350

Our specially priced 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 is a high performance SUV combining powerful acceleration and crisp lines with comfort and practicality. At home on the freeway, surface streets and backcountry routes, this sport luxury vehicle is an excellent choice for business or pleasure.

Upon test driving this sharply defined Mercedes SUV, you will notice the crisp handling and powerful acceleration from the 3.5 L V6 engine that provides 268 hp to an AWD, semi-automatic drivetrain. Visibility is excellent, with a well-designed interior layout and a double sunroof that provides outstanding atmosphere.

The slightly lower build and sharp lines recall a sport wagon design with a lower center of gravity, stable, smooth control responses and increased aerodynamics at higher speeds. The ride is very quiet, smooth and comfortable. The black leather interior, 19 inch alloy wheels and attractive Mercedes Logo grill add to the crisp, businesslike look and encourage high driver expectations as you approach the vehicle.

Steering is precise, smooth and comfortable, while braking and acceleration are well calibrated. The 6 speed, semi-automatic transmission provides that satisfying extra control and smoothness expected from Mercedes-Benz as you maneuver around corners or accelerate down straightaways. A well-built chassis and responsive suspension provides satisfying handling on the highway and surface streets, while backroad capability is maintained if you desire to travel further afield in this vehicle.

With interior space adding to the executive styling and exciting sport performance, this SUV would also make a great family vehicle or business transporter.

With just 65,000 km, this sport luxury vehicle is specially priced at just $28,983! Come for a test drive this week and experience the style and performance of this beautiful and versatile luxury sport utility vehicle from Mercedes Benz.

2012 Mercedes-Benz ML 350

Bluenose Motor Company is pleased to offer a beautiful Mercedes-Benz ML 350 Luxury SUV with a wide selection of driver features. This nearly brand new vehicle has less than 12,000 km and was driven by one local owner before coming to Bluenose

The ML 350 is a first rate personal SUV, business transport or family use vehicle. A solid, utility suited appearance combines with stylish lines and attractive accents.

The well-built vehicle comes with a spacious interior, first rate leather seating and ample storage room for transport. All drive and passenger comforts and conveniences are present, ranging from touch button seat adjusters to GPS navigation and a backup camera.

On road trips, you will enjoy the double sunroof, cruise control and smooth power steering that provides a relaxed feel while retaining crispness and precision in handling. The electronic automatic shifter offers touch of a button switching between park, reverse, neutral and drive.

Acceleration with the six cylinder diesel engine is swift and quiet, with good fuel efficiency on both highway runs and shorter trips. Convenient paddle shifters operate the smooth and responsive semi-automatic transmission.

The extra control offered by the ML 350's multiple features makes driving comfortable and satisfying. All-wheel drive and traction control ensure stability and easy handling in a wide range of road and weather conditions.

Braking with ABS is smooth and controlled, while sufficient suspension stiffness stabilizes the vehicle in corners. Parking and maneuvering this vehicle is especially easy with its combination of vehicle position technology and power assists that make for nearly effortless control responses.

This beautiful Luxury SUV from Mercedes-Benz is nearly brand new, with extremely low kilometers and excellent care from the previous owners. This vehicle offers class and practicality for a first rate driver experience with good performance. Consider coming in for a test drive to experience the ML 350 this week!

2010 Mini Cooper Camden Edition

We are proud to offer a sporty and stylish Camden Edition Mini Cooper at Bluenose. This fine vehicle comes in excellent condition, with just 63,000 km!

The Mini Cooper is a performance oriented compact car with a lengthy and interesting history. Now built by BMW Mini, these vehicles offer character and a completely unique look and feel.

The fully featured Camden is the exclusive 50th anniversary celebration package for the Mini Cooper. The package brings a metallic paint job, grille designs borrowing from rally racing tradition, leather and cloth upholstery designs, a rear spoiler, xenon headlights, interior trim and 17 inch wheels! In addition, an upgraded audio system from Harman/Kardon, fog lights and Mini's "Mission Control" driver feedback system is included.

The Mini offers ample room despite the compact size of the vehicle, and enjoys a high level of fuel efficiency. Sporty performance is a major selling feature for this vehicle. This model comes with a 6 speed manual transmission that powers a zippy, 118 horsepower 4 cylinder inline engine.

Acceleration is effortless, while a smooth, easy ride on the highway is the counterpart to the nimble, convenient urban handling this attractive vehicle offers. Shifting is especially quick, while responsive, crisp steering readily appeals to all driving enthusiasts. Good visibility is notable, while a firm suspension and swift breaking keep you safe, comfortable and in control while maneuvering along winding roads.

This unique little vehicle offers sport, style and convenience for the driving enthusiast with good fuel economy. Come in and take a look at our beautiful 2010 Camden Edition Mini Cooper this week!

2010 Silver Ford Mustang Coupe

Our beautiful 2010 Ford Mustang 2 door coupe is a refined expression of "American Muscle"! We are pleased to currently offer a sale on this special promotion vehicle at just $17,783!

The mileage on this classic yet modern beauty is among the lowest on the lot at 17,000 kilometers. This car has one previous owner.

The 2010 Mustang model kept many classic Mustang traits, but received extra power, improved mileage, optimized engine/transmission efficiency and increased smoothness on the road.

A test drive shows this Mustang to be a sporty car that drives with authority and has a solid feel to its handling. This 2010 Ford Mustang rides smoothly with a steady, 6 cylinder purr while keeping you aware of that rich acceleration power available the moment you need it.

In 2010, Ford upgraded the interior. The seats are nestled between a beautiful, speedboat like hood and a stylish rear with a spacious trunk. This silver 2010 Mustang coupe has a sporty look and feel.

As you put the car through its paces, the new design of suspension is responsive, while precise, smooth steering makes corners a breeze with effective maneuvering. The well balanced rear wheel drive system minimizes understeer or oversteer in the corners and holds the road beautifully.

Interior features are well designed. Seat positioning is comfortable and easily adjusted, while instrument displays are bold and clear. Hand controls are ergonomic and intuitive, while a great sound system provides good amplification, bass tones and clarity.

This car offers the solid design, good performance and authoritative handling you can expect from a Ford vehicle. See our online showroom for details, and come out for a test drive this week!